Paris Conference

Paris Conference: Henrikas Yushkiavitshus
The effects of politics on the Olympic Games is nothing new, and if there is one person in the world who can tell us all about it, that's Henrikas Yushkiavitshus, who served as vice-chairman of Soviet television and radio for 19 years and was involved in preparing the media coverage of several Olympiads.
Paris Conference: Paul Steiger
Chairman of the Committee to Protect Journalists and Former Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal Paul Steiger warns press freedom situation in China has worsened
Paris Conference: Oystein Alme
Oysten Alme, Director of Voice of Tibet, explains how the Chinese authorities use all their technological might to jam his signal.
Paris Conference: Steve Wilson
After covering ten Olympic Games for the Associated Press, Steve Wilson is an expert dealing with local authorities to have full access to events taking place both inside and outside the Olympic Village. He has been in China recently testing the waters in which 30,000 foreign journalists will have to swim during the Games.
Paris Conference: Fan Ho Tsai
Hong Kong Journalists Association's Chairperson Fan Ho Tsai recalls an unpleasant encounter with Chinese censors hell-bent on keeping her from reporting her story.
Paris Conference: Jean-Philippe Béja
But Jean Philippe Béja, one of the world's foremost China experts, told the Paris conference there is cause for optimism, that Chinese society is answering their government's obsessive means of control with remarkable resilience.
Paris Conference: Dr. Merle Goldman
Dr. Merle Goldman, Professor Emerita of History at Boston University and Research Associate at Harvard University's John K. Fairbank Center for East Asia Research
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